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The Mother Load of Seduction / Attraction/ Venusian Arts Audio & Video


So here it is...

I remember about 6 years back in 2001... when I was at the beginning stages of my personal transformation, the only free resource I could find on Attraction or Seduction was David D's mailbag that asked to buy his ebook and audio cd's. I didn't have a credit card, and nobody would lend me one either. 

6 years later today, after having trained with / worked with most of the top PU teachers, then having taught students around the world, then being recognized internationally as a teacher and author, I suddenly remembered how difficult it is to get quality information. How some bit of proper guidance can change one's life. How so many young people around the world are looking for this type of information but cannot find it...

Sometimes when life is great, we tend to forget that for a lot of people $5 payment for a little ebook is still an overwhelming task.

These pages are dedicated to all my young students, unknown friends around the world, to the knowledge seekers who will one day take place of Mystery or Style...

Just one word of caution however, and this is extremely important to remember:

This knowledge... learning to seduce anyone you like, being in control, being the center of attention, all of these are just one small little part of personal development, of being a better human being. The only reason I am taking the time to compile all of this (and it took over 3 days of solid work to put this together) is because I know that this will help many people have a better life, be a better man, become a better lover... I DID NOT do all of this for you to "dedicate" your life to become a pickup artist and "lay a lot of chicks". Remember, there is a huge difference between having the freedom to choose and revolving your life around "getting laid". The former is part of growing up, the latter is just being insecure enough to require success in nightclub/bed to make you feel like a man.

Remember, the true essence of masculine energy is not in how many chicks he can pickup, but in the purpose of his life and the gift he is here to give.

Enjoy, share and learn! May you change countless lives through your living and loving...

Shafin de Zane, CHT
Master Hypnotist, Author, Coach

These pages are categorized in the following sections. On each page you will get a link to get back to this page to follow the links below: