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Here are some of the most inspirational movies that are available on the Internet today...
Enjoy, Get Inspired, and Remember:

Impossible is NOTHING!

1. The Free Hugs Campaign

The power of a hug... One mans journey to make a difference... This video will teach you to keep giving your gift, even when no one is willing to take! To make a difference in this world through the simplest things in life...



2. Al Pacino Speech from the movie Any Given Sunday

The spirit of moving forward together, to live together, to fight together, to die together. Learn the lesson that the man who is willing to die in a fight is the one that's going to win...



3. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish by Steve Jobs at Stanford

Here are some lessons from one of the greatest human beings who ever lived. Learn the amazing value of failure, of walking on the road not taken, of coming close to death and of connecting the dots at the end of it all!



4. Abraham-Hicks & Louise L Hay - Groove in the vastness...

Listen from Abraham, the non-physical teacher.



5. The Secret: Imagining the Impossible

Here is something that may seem outrageous at this point - something at the core of all my teaching: there is nothing you cannot do, be or have. You are the creator. The universe is you playground. NOTE: This is the trailer version. For a limited time, you can also watch the full movie, right here, at the bottom of this list.




This video will show you the limits of impossible, the power of love, the strength of a father, the spirit of truly being human.




7. Principles of Miracles:

Here is an inspiring video based on "A Course In Miracles".  


8. Amazing Guided Meditation:



9. Ninety Nine Balloons

One of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen.



10. One Legged Dancer:

Watch the power of passion and determination!



11. A Spiritual Message:

Whenever you feel down, need some guidance, feel powerless, listen to this one! 



12. Tony Robbins Live:

Watch one of greatest speakers in the world, speaking to the world leaders!



13. The Rocky Story: Narrated by Tony Robbins

Listen to one of the most inspiring real life story on Sylvester Stallone that reminds you the power of determination, integrity and realizing dreams in the most impossible situations. 



14. She Without Arm, He Without A Leg

Watch the amazing capacities of the human body...



15. Kim Peek: The Real Rain Man Part I

Once dismissed as a retard, Kim Peek is the inspiration for the Oscar winning movie Rain Man. Watch what the human mind is capable of.



16. Kim Peek: The Real Rain Man Part II 



17. The Secret (Full Movie)

And now here is the movie that has changed lives of thousands around the world. Watch this while its available. When its gone, somebody please drop me a line to remove it.



More Coming Soon...

Do you know of an inspirational video that I could add here? Has a video expired and is no longer viewable? Please let me know about it at secretsofshafin [@] gmail.com

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  Cash Machine Music Videos Worlds Funniest Videos Inspiring Movies